Mrs. Vaishali Sunada Surendra Jalihalkar (Principal) 

Espalier, the experimental school has successfully completed ten years of providing  “Learning and growing up environment” to its students. They have grown physically, emotionally and socially under the care of expert guidance. What did we achieve?.....

  • Children grew in confidence,
  • It had a very positive impact on their personality,
  • Children polished their talents and show cased them,
  • They learnt through experimenting and were given life experience,
  • They were encouraged to question,
  • And through these steps we worked on their “ Self – esteem.”

Their self respect grew as they achieved success – which is most important for every child.

We follow the Gandhian Philosophy of education blending it beautifully with the scientific quest of Einstein. Hence we encourage children to be curious which is very essential in teaching – learning process. And we quench their Curiosity through the Gandhian thought of giving them “REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES” . Children learn by themselves , arriving at truths while teachers provide & Facilitate a conducive atmosphere. Gandhi tried these experiments at Sevagram Ashram successfully. We follow in his footsteps.
We teach through senses which is a proven method of learning advocated by psychologists. We use modern techniques and have introduced agriculture to keep them bound to Mother Earth and We have pottery Which helps tremendously in brain development. To reduce the stress and monotony of memorizing we make use of music. Children at Espalier learn and grow up in a school free from fear & stress. Ours is a school based on psychology to meet the child’s needs and provides him with a scientific atmosphere.