Ms. Saba Khan (Headmistress)

Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “Education means nothing but bringing out the best from the child.”

We, at Espalier follow the Gandhi Montessori pattern of teaching. We believe that every child has his/her own natural gifts and talents, which we strive to enable each of them to explore and develop his/her potentials. Based on this fundamental principle and in light of the ever changing world, we offer education in a safe, friendly and secular environment.

At Espalier, we follow the Brain Based Education system. For the brain to start functioning efficiently, the cells need to communicate with each other.  Connections are made between cells - the more connections there are, the more the brain can perform. Children cultivate 85% of their intellect, personality and skills by the age of 6 years. Taking advantage of this we strive to develop the child in a truly whole sense. This is the age where the child's development rate is very fast.

It may be physical development, intellectual, linguistic, social, moral, emotional, psychological development, etc. Our teachers tirelessly provide maximum stimulating experiences to the children where their thought process starts, they do things, re-do them and learn by trial and success. I firmly beleive that education should be fun & joy rather than burden & stress. One can reach out to the children with love & amiability instead of strict & stereo typed approach. It gives immense pleasure to see our tulips blossoming in healthy environment with positive attitude. I really feel so happy that I am handling these tiny sparks. It's a great feeling to kindle the flame of getting knowledge in these tiny, ever shining stars…

To conclude I would just say,” Following Gandhiji's timeless model of education, we will surely create a new generation of history makers at ESPALIER, a school with a difference….”