Director's Desk

Sachin Usha Vilas Joshi

My aim is to empower the children with proficiency that will lead them to become outstanding observers, explorers, thinkers, great learners as well as sensitive & ethical human beings.

The purpose of education is not just employment but more importantly, personal fulfillment & self improvement. My wish is to establish a school where education is infused with passion n delight because of the way in which education is combined with dance n songs. I believed in starting the learning process with those things close to the child's heart, rather than beginning with a text book. Through frequent excursion in nature, games, songs, drama, reading, celebration & spiritual teaching, I seek to develop the soul of our children.

Espalier emphasizes more on self motivation rather than on discipline & on fostering intellectual curiosity rather than competitive excellence. We encourage the child to compete with his own previous records besides competing with fellow mates. We do not believe in hammering information into children's minds. Respecting the dignity of the child implies respecting the child's curiosity, their freedom to question, to explore, to imagine, to be critical, even to disagree & to make a choice for themselves.

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