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Primary School

Espalier is a Concept Based Experimental School. Each day is a new experience for each child here because the school emphasizes more on the development of intelligence rather than marks.

The National Education Policy now asks the schools to lay more emphasis on curriculum rather than on syllabus. Curriculum is a vast term which focuses on the overall development of children whereas syllabus is a shorter, limited term dealing only with academics.

At Espalier, Sachin sir with his team has designed a special curriculum based on the Gandhi Einstein principles of education. The education offered here is Brain Based Education. The brain accepts known facts first and then tries to go to unknown, from near to far and so on…Espalier primary school has taken this into consideration and helps the students to first understand the local culture and then extend their boundaries to the state, the country and the world.

At Espalier primary school the best things are clubbed and have been blended into the unique, experimental curriculum very beautifully. Here lessons are converted into songs and drama. Musical syllabus, practical experimentation, observation and hands on experiences are some of the innovative steps carried on in the school.

Here children are highly active, full of enthusiasm because the school has designed the activities in such a way that the neo cortex, an important part of the brain is always active. This active neo cortex helps them to absorb everything whatever they see, they hear and they feel.

The school has adopted and is following Einstein's quote as a gospel,“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Each child is given freedom and opportunity to quench his thirst of curiosity.

Itis a psychology based school and provides a scientific atmosphere to its students to explore, learn and enjoy.