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We Don't Develop Future Children,
We Develop Children For Future


Espalier is a French word derived from Italian “Spalliera” meaning “frame or structure”.

Espalier is a horticultural technique in which branches of plants are trained to make them look more beautiful and to raise their productivity.

Inspired by this word we applied it in education as it is a structure which is used for students to mould their personality and to enrich their skills and talent.


Espalier, The Experimental School is a concept based school. Espalier school ardently follows Gandhi Montessori philosophy – that a child needs to touch and explore, learn and enjoy to understand the world around him, It has been established to give every child the very best.
We believe in developing, building and the making of a “Complete Child” which begins right from birth up to 6 years of age. These initial 6 years of life are more crucial to design a child's personality and for his holistic development.
Sachin Sir's great experience of child education, his innovative ideas & views regarding child psychology has given birth to Espalier where children are flourishing holistically.

School Philosophy

We do not just provide basic education but rather impart the basic code of behavior. We imprint, “ Self – reliance” on the minds of the young. We teach how to live through good and virtuous conduct and give them experiences which teach them to face challenges. And provide a spark to their Self – confidence, igniting their urge for creative, novel and constructive thoughts. We inculcate deep respect for parents and pride for their motherland. YES, we build a strong future inspired by a glorious past.

Our vision

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. Center to Espalier's educational vision is the nurturing student's souls. We truly believe in saying by Dennis Whitley “The greatest gift you can give to the children are the roots of responsibility n the wings of freedom.” We believe in learning by doing since a child needs to touch & explore, learn & enjoy understanding the world around him. Our philosophy is “there is a bright child in every child” , every child is special n posses some peculiar characteristic. We educate, develop & teach every child the true values of life enabling them to a good & successful human being. We believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. We will help children to develop their potential by believing in them as capable individuals. We will assist children in discovering who they are, so they can express their own opinions and nature their own ideas. We have a vision of a world where people learn to respect, accept, and embrace the differences between us, as the core of what makes life so fascinating. Our endeavour is to equip the children with skills that would enable them to meet the challenges of the changing world & enhance their strength & capacity. Espalier's prime mission is to impart quality education, focusing specially on Indian culture & discipline.