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Pre Primary School

Espalier Pre School aims to give every child its very best with background, perception, knowledge and personal experience.

Sachin sir and Espalier pre school team believes in the concept of learning through doing. Espalier Pre School knows that a child needs to see, touch, feel, explore, learn and enjoy.

Espalier The Experimental Pre School is based on Gandhi- Montessori principles of education. The school has been founded on the principles of Gandhiji known as Nayi Taleem. Sachin sir has studied the theories of renowned neuropsychologists of the world. With the help of the Gandhiji's principles and neuropsychological theories he developed the Brain Based Education System.

The whole curriculum of the school promotes the teaching of life skills through first hand experiences. The students get these experiences by actually milking the cows, farming, sculpture and many other activities. The Pre School team under Sachin sir's guidance work tirelessly to increase the learners' EQ rather than IQ.

Espalier Pre School has been founded on the basis of the following principles: Physical growth, intellectual development, self- independence, creativity, imagination power and socializing skills.

Many well known personalities and dignitaries have visited Espalier Pre School and have appreciated the efforts of Sachin sir the Pre School team for their splendid work and commendable achievements.

The Brands Academy has awarded and given national level accreditation to the school as the “Most Innovative Pre School.” by the hands of Mr. Shashi Tharoor.

School Based on

Gandhi - Montessori Educational Philosophy.