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Superheros of the  Change

The students of Espalier are honoured as "SUPERHEROS OF THE  CHANGE" by Design for Change 2015.

Design for change is a world wide organization, it honours the "I Can Change Award" to students for 100 inspiring change stories world wide.
Change stories is a initiative taken by students to change some issue that is disturbing or deserves more attention..
Design for change felicitate all those school Leaders who empower their students to say " You Can ".

This year there were more than 2500 school entries for I Can Award across d world.

We are proud to announce that Espalier students have been selected in top 20 best stories and  it is a privilege to get the world famous "I Can Award" by hand of Cricketer Irfan Pathan,   Billiards World Champion Mr. Geet Sethi, Famous Anchor n Actor Manish  Paul at ahemdabad, Gujrat.

This is d most prestigious award in the world of Eduation and it believes that a child can be a Change Maker.

Juries of DFC committee involve the most proficient people of different faculties like Kiran Sethi is d founder of River Side school n awarded in the top 50 teachers in the world, Story Teller n Founder of storywala.com Mr. Amen Huq, CEO of Disney's Ms.Nikola,  cricketer Rahul Dravid , actor Rahul Bose n more than 50 jury select the DFC awards.

Media partners are BBC and Times of India. The Brand ambassador is Mr.Amitabh Bachan. Associate partner Parle G.

Award include beautiful I Can Trophy, school certificate, cash prize Rs.15000, medals to all 15 participating students n lot of gift hampers from Disney and Parle G.

Espalier's Inspiring change story:
Whenever we write full name, only  the father's name is mentioned, even in the case of a single parent symbolizing the prevalence of a male dominated society.

Our students redefined the definition of Middle name by adding mother's name before the father's name with pride.

Initially 800 students took the initiative of adding mother's name in their full name. our team of parents and staff brought about this change n then our children approached to different schools n inspired around 10,000 students to bring this change through enacting dramas, singing n street play.

This change will not stop with this award. We are taking this concept  across the country n will appeal the Government to make this change in Govt. documents as well.

In some documents mother's name is placed separately. Our demand is for equality. Like
"Name, Mother's name + Father's Name,+ Surnname."

We promote this change even for the married women.
Name+ mother's name + husband's name + surname.

You can also implement n apply this change by adding ur mother's name in ur name. Be a part of Change..

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Maa Tuze Salaam

Woman’s Equality Day

Espalier is an experimental school, where the students bring about at least one social or educational change. Last year our students unanimously decided that they would write their Mothers name before the Father's name. The objective behind this was that the Mothers play a more important role in bringing up the child than the Father and yet her name is not mentioned anywhere, right from a Light Bill to School Leaving Certificate, Government document to school identity card there is no mention of a Mother's name. It's only the Father's name that occurs there. Isn't this a sign of Male Dominated Society?

Why can't we add our Mothers name too?
Espalier School started making this change, 800 students of our school add their Mother's name and the school supports their decision. The school has made the necessary changes in the Enquiry Form, Admission Form, Students I-card, Government Forms and the Progress card.
Every student of Espalier is now using his Mother's name along with the Father's name with Pride.
We are taking this change out of school Boundaries. 500 students of primary will convince 2 friends from their neighborhood to add their Mothers name.
20 students will visit different schools and convince the principal and students and create awareness about this change.
26th August is world "Women's Equality Day", We aim at convincing 10,000 students to give respect to women and start adding their Mother's name from this day.
We believe that students alone can bring about a change. So come along, let us make this change.
If you also feel that you should add your Mother's name join us in this campaign and fill up the given Acceptance cum Resolution Form.

My Bicycle License

Espalier is a concept based school and every year the school brings about one social change in the society. This year students of Std VIII took a challenge on 'Road Safety Awareness'. After the survey and intense research they created an online test based on Traffic Rules.

The license will be issued to the student who will clear the online test.

This project was made by Espalier students and supported by Nashik Police Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of RTO and ESDS company.

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Every Child Counts

Citizen Campaign

Young educationist Sachin Joshi of Espalier Experimental School has launched an ambitious scheme in the city, `Citizen Campaign' to identify underprivileged children and get them admitted to Nashik Municipal Corporation schools. The theme of the campaign is `Every Child Counts'.

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