Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the age criteria for all classes?

  • Nursery : 3 to 4 yrs
  • Jr kg : 4 to 5 yrs
  • Sr kg : 5 to 6 yrs
  • 1st : 6 to 7 yrs
  • 2nd : 7 to 8 yrs
  • 3rd : 8 to 9 yrs
  • 4th  : 9 to 10 yrs

Q. What are the school timings?

  • Pre Primary _                     9.30am to 12.30pm
  • Primary & Secondary _    8am to 2.30pm

Q. With which board school is affiliated?

SSC along with our experimental curriculum.

Q. What is the class strength?

35 students in one class.

Q. What is class ratio of students teachers in pre section?

2 teachers, 1 helper for 35 students.

Q. Do the school provide transport facility?

Yes, school has own buses and vans.

Q. Is the attendance available in each bus?

Yes, a female is there along with driver in every bus and van.

Q. What are the school visiting hours?

10 am to 3.30 pm

Q. Is it a boarding school?


Q. What is experiential learning?

It is learning by doing in real life situation where teacher is facilitator.

Q. Do u provide mid day meal to students?

In pre primary section we have " My mother's tiffin for all" concept for students.
In primary students bring their own tiffin.