Our Vision

"Life is the Subject and the Result is Happiness"

Espalier facilitates the best environment and opportunities for students to
learn by 'Self-Experience' - they 'own' their learning. We call it Experiential
Our method inspires the quality of 'Self-Reliance' in young minds.
Our students are 'Prabuddhas' - they make wise choices by combining
rational thinking with courage.
Espalierites are 'Apostles of a Modern Thought' that respects the past. We
aim for bettering our lot, improving the lives of our brethren and ourselves,
while celebrating our ancient culture and its good traditions. We 'Dream
Big', but with our feet planted on solid foundations.
Our singular, most prominent quality is our 'Jigyasa' i.e curiosity. It is our
compass on uncharted waters. We don't see walls; we make doors in them.
Our best version of ourselves is ahead of us, always. We are on a beautiful
journey that will evolve new destinations as we travel along. So we enjoy
the journey itself, with gratitude for the chance to improve ourselves every
At Espalier, we look at the new world with delight. We seek opportunities to
spark 'Constructive Thoughts and Creativity' in everything we do. Our
minds brim over with 'Ideas' and the 'Self-Confidence' to achieve them.
Espalierites have the 'Skill Sets'  Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Creative
and Social - to be innovative, sporting, and above all, 'HAPPY' with their
We have the deepest 'Respect' for our parents, family, and all animate and
inanimate creations. We care for 'Mother Earth' and above all, have the
utmost pride for our 'Motherland.'