Espalier The
Heritage School is based on GandhiEinstein
philosophy. After an in depth study of Mahatma
Gandhi's Nayee Taleem, research papers of renowned neuropsychologists and comprehending Einstein's quest
for curiosity as a powerful tool of learning, education activist Sachin Joshi formulated a curriculum build
around Brain Based Education system to gain academic success.
The development of analytical ability for independent thinking and decision making should always be placed foremost. Hence,
Espalier strives to imprint 'Self reliance' on the minds of young learners. A key feature of Espalier school is Experiential learning
which promotes self confidence and ignites the life long process of learning.
The curriculum is directed towards mentoring free thinking, responsible and skilled young individuals. Based on
constructivism and Theory of Multiple Intelligence, Espalier is committed to:
Ignite a spark in individuals for Novel and constructive thoughts.
Promote curiosity and imagination.
Infuse passion for innovation.
Motivate out of box thinking.
Inculcate deep respect for parents and pride for their motherland.
Holistic child development with an attitude to win the world.