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Espalier - The Heritage School is a concept based school. Amidst the nature, a place loved by kids where colours are brighter, the air is softer and the mornings more fragrant than ever again. Here with experiential learning and hands on activities a child discovers and explores the world around him.

Espalier aspires to give every child the very best. In Espalier we believe in “Holistic child development”.


School Philosophy

Espalier - The Heritage School is based on Gandhi-Einstein philosophy. After an in depth study of Mahatma Gandhi's Nayee Taleem, research papers of renowned neuropsychologists and comprehending Einstein's quest for curiosity as a powerful tool of learning, education activist Sachin Joshi formulated a curriculum build around Brain Based Education system to gain academic success.
The development of analytical ability for independent thinking and decision making should always be placed foremost. Hence, Espalier strives to imprint 'Self reliance' on the minds of young learners. A key feature of Espalier school is Experiential learning which promotes self confidence and ignites the life long process of learning.

The curriculum is directed towards mentoring free thinking, responsible and skilled young individuals. Based on constructivism and Theory of Multiple Intelligence, Espalier is committed to:

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all - Aristotle


  • CBSE with Experimental Learning
  • Brain Based Education system
  • Scholastic with life skill education


  • School building as a learning aid
  • Huge Heritage campus of 10.5 acre
  • Well equipped Auditorium
  • Library in Heritage Railway
  • Aesthetic classrooms
  • Student friendly furniture for healthy posture
  • Three Amphitheatres


  • Smart classes
  • Digi Tables
  • E-Library Online Exams
  • Information Technology and social science
  • Subject lab for languages
  • GPS enabled Transport
  • Multimedia Labs
  • Kindle
  • ERP Management software
  • Electronic I-Card


  • Design lab for carpentry, pottery and handicraft
  • Farming plots for every class
  • Huge Role Play zone(2000 Sqft)
  • Botanical (Herb) Garden
  • Cattle shed and Dairy
  • Yoga and Meditation zone
  • Sand Pit
  • Performance stage in every class
  • Montessori set up
  • Hands on Science Lab


  • Horse Riding Table Tennis
  • Basket Ball
  • Archery
  • Indian Traditional games
  • Cricket
  • Adventure Zone
  • Balancing Beam
  • Rock climbing
  • Life size Chess zone
  • Kids Gym


  • Design lab for Pottery
  • Carpentry and Sculputre
  • Art and Culture
  • Performing Arts
  • Indian Classical Dance & Music
  • Music and Recording studio


  • Experiential shops
  • Sensory Pathways
  • Touch and feel zones
  • History on walls
  • Live Espalier FM Radio
  • Live TV News Station (By Students)

Green Mind:

  • Water Harvesting
  • Solar Panels
  • Zero Waste management
  • Wind mill


  • Open Classroom
  • Machan
  • Swing Classroom
  • Tree Shade
  • Gazebo
  • Waterfall
  • Glass Pergola
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